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Shore Drive Full Menu
We welcome large parties, and strongly encourage reservations. Please note that all outside desserts will be charged a $25 fee. Cheers!

Happy Hour

Served Monday thru Friday | 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Spinach and Artichoke Dip|6

toast points

Mermaid Taco|5

crispy fish |shredded cabbage| pickled red onion| chipotle ranch |flour tortilla

Chef’s Hummus|6

warm naan| olives |fresh vegetables|olive oil

Wine Bar Cheese|6

sharp cheddar | red wine reduction| dried fruit |water crackers
Mermaid Fries|6

white cheddar curd |beef gravy| chive

Happy Hour Drink Selections:
Vista Point Pinot Grigio, IT |5

Dignitat Grenache Blanc, SP |5

Marius Grenache/Syrah, FR |5

Salmon Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, CA |5

Bartender’s Choice Wine|7

High Ball Cocktails | 7

Wine club members receive 50% off bottles during happy hour!
*Excludes Mermaid Wines and Champagne*`

Cheese & Charcuterie
Served with Chef’s selection of accompaniments
Choose three|19 or Choose four|25
6 mo. aged Manchego (Spain)
Honey Bee Goat Gouda (Holland)
Smoked Chili Cheddar (Vermont)
Green Hill Camembert (Georgia)
Olli Calabrese (VA)
Porchetta (Italy)
St. Andre (France)
Cana De Cabra (Spain)
Buttermilk Blue (WI)
Snowdonia Cheddar (UK)
Truffle Sangiovese Salami (VA)
Mortadella (Italy)

Starters & Sharables
Choose three|21* or Choose Four |28*

*Spinach & Artichoke|11
toast points
*Chef Inspired Hummus|8
warm naan| olives| fresh vegetables| olive oil

*Olive Tray|7
assorted olives perfect for pairing
*Poutin Fries|9
white cheddar curd| beef gravy| chive
*Wine Bar Cheese|8
sharp cheddar| red wine reduction| dried fruit| water crackers
Local Oysters~ |8
Four raw oysters| seasonal mignonette | cocktail sauce | lemon wedge
Kickin’ Chicken Wings |12
Four, double-fried whole wings| gojuchang sauce| shaved celery | crispy carrots
Beef Tartar~|16
Egg yolk| Dijon woozy vinaigrette| red onion| pickled mustard seed | potato plank
Mermaid Oysters|13
Four crispy oysters| spinach| bacon| shallot| garlic| parmesan cream sauce
Crispy tubes & tentacles| cocktail sauce
Smoked Salmon~|15
house-cured salmon| tomato chow chow| zesty goat mousse| wild flower honey | house-made bread
Dionysus Mussels|13
tomato| shallot| garlic| spinach| chorizo| ground espelette pepper| white wine
Brie en Croute|16
dried fruit| pecan| brown sugar| wild flower honey| spiced pear reduction| water crackers
Mermaid Nachos|16
Fresh tortilla chips| shredded red cabbage| tomato| pickled red onion| jalapeño| shredded cheddar| house nacho cheese sauce| sour cream| guacamole
Nacho Additions: Chicken |5 Blackened Shrimp | 9 Grilled Steak~ |12 Jumbo Lump Crab | 12

Soups & Salads

Soup Du Jour|8
Chef’s selection of the day
Clam Chowder|9
New England Style |aged Sherry drizzle| oyster crackers

Beet Salad|12

red & gold beets| burrata | micro green| candied pecan| toast point | honey walnut vinaigrette


baby iceberg| bacon| bleu cheese| tomato| red onion| crispy capers| tangy house bleu cheese dressing

Mermaid House|10
mixed greens| tomato| carrot| red onion |cucumber| hickory smoked almonds |
 cider vinaigrette

Classic Caesar|9

crisp romaine heart| parmesan| house croutons| garlic dressing
Add: Chicken|5 Steak~|12 Salmon~|12 Shrimp|9

Light Fare

Served with your choice of a side salad or house cut fries
Mermaid Burger~|12

8oz patty | lettuce | tomato |red onion |melted cheddar | pretzel top bun

Mermaid Wagyu Burger~|18

8oz Mishima Ranch wagyu |lettuce | tomato| red onion | melted cheddar | pretzel top bun
Mermaid Taco|13

crispy fish | shredded cabbage |pickled red onion |chipotle ranch | flour tortillas
Cauliflower Taco|11
beer-braised cauliflower |pico de gallo shredded cabbage |chipotle ranch

Falafel Wrap|10

crispy falafel | tzatziki |lettuce |tomato |red onion| smoked almonds| flour tortilla


jumbo lump crab |lettuce |tomato |red onion | Cajun rémoulade 

Chicken Caesar Wrap|10

herb roasted chicken |garlic dressing| crisp romaine| parmesan |flour tortilla

Mermaid Grilled Cheese|12

sharp cheddar |smoked gouda| French brie| zesty tomato jam |bacon |sourdough bread

Chicken Salad|10

dill |honey| all-white meat chicken| sriracha | lettuce| tomato| sourdough

Lamb Burger~|16

harissa spiced lamb patty | lettuce| tomato | red onion | tzatziki | pretzel top bun
From 11am to 4pm, sandwiches are served with your choice of a glass of the following wine:
Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio Dignitat Grenache Blanc 
 Marius Grenache Syrah Simi Cabernet Sauvignon

Chicken Pasta|18

herb roasted chicken | roasted tomatoes |broccolini |shallots| garlic| chorizo | penne |blackened cream sauce

Cauliflower Steak|16

broiled cauliflower steak |cardamom ginger coconut cream |garlicky collards |curried sweet potato purée
Pork Chop~|27

grilled 10oz bone-in chop |garlicky collards |sweet potato hash |sage cream

Wagyu Steak~|60

12oz. Mishima Ranch Wagyu NY Cut | roasted garlic mash| broccolini | sauce Diane


persimmon ginger glaze | cardamom carrots | risotto |charred spring onion purée

Banana Shrimp|19

six banana-chip encrusted shrimp| chili coconut risotto| cucumber & mint salad | mango mojo sauce 


crispy skin-on filet |curried mango quinoa| shaved Brussels sprouts |raspberry gel

two jumbo lump crab cakes |fingerling potatoes |haricot verts | Cajun rémoulade
Lamb ~ | 24
½ rack |fingerling potatoes |haricot vert | sage cream

pair of grilled filet tournedos | roasted garlic mash |broccolini | sauce Diane

~Eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs, or seafood poses a health risk to everyone, but especially to the elderly, young children under age 4, pregnant women and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems. The cooking of such animal foods reduces the risk of illness.

Sweet Treats

Choose 3 | 11 Choose 4 | 12

Stone Fruit Crumble | $4
streusel topped cobbler, whipped cream

Carrot Cake | $4
with cream cheese frosting, Hawaiian pineapple, and Mermaid-lade

Chocolate Chunk Cookies | $4
kid tested. Nana approved

The Guilty Pleasure | $5
Vanilla gelato, hot fudge, brownie bites and candied pecans

Black Forest | $4
dark candied cherries, pudding cake, Chantilly cream

Crema Catalana | $4
Traditional Vanilla custard, with fresh and dried fruits

White Chocolate Cheesecake | $4
white chocolate cheese, dark cookie crust, Greek yogurt

German Chocolate Cake | $5
Coconut Ganache, candied pecans

Chocolate Brownie Bites | $4
decadent fudge brownies

Panna Cotta | $4
salted graham and pretzel crumbs, dulce de leche

Hot Fudge Cake | $4
chocolate cake, whipped cream, hot fudge

Red Red Wine Velvet Cake | $4
cream cheese frosting, red wine reduction

Rice Crispy Treats | $4
for the kid at heart

Two Scoops | $5
Pistachio Gelato, Vanilla Bean Gelato, Chocolate Gelato, Lemon Sorbet

Petite Lineup | $15
a mini sampling of cheesecake, cookies, black forest cake, carrot cake, and crema catalana. No substitutions, please.

Campfire Kettle | $15
Red wine scented chocolate fondue for 2, served with Chef's dippables.

We welcome large parties, and strongly encourage reservations. Please note that all outside desserts will be charged a $25 fee. Cheers!

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